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D/V Tenacious

D/V Tenacious is a 45’ NOVI-built solid fiberglass vessel operating in the waters of the Northeastern United States. Tenacious was launched in 2010 and is solely owned by Atlantic Wreck Salvage, LLC.

Although small in comparison to other boats, our vessel can and has safely withstood harsh seas far from shore. There are a few destinations we cannot reach with our 16-knot cruising speed and 600-mile range.

Tenacious is equipped with up-to-date electronics including but not limited to satellite communication, chirp echo-sounder, multibeam sonar, and side-scan sonar. Tenacious has a 2-ton hydraulic winch along with on-deck hydraulic connections for a variety of underwater salvage tools.

Tenacious can accommodate seven people, including its skipper and crew, on multi-day trips and up to ten people on day trips. With full amenities such as a full galley, a full head, a 40” television, air conditioning, and a 10kw generator, Tenacious has all the necessary comforts for a hardworking boat.

Prior to becoming the Tenacious of today, the vessel operated as a fishing boat off the coast of Maryland. Her captain, Joe Mazraani, completely redesigned this NOVI as a multi-day offshore work boat sporting a solid dive platform.


When it comes to marine salvage operations, Atlantic Wreck Salvage and its highly experienced crew are always ready. No job is too big for AWS. Not only can salvage be performed from our vessel D/V Tenacious, but our partnerships with bigger marine salvage companies make any recovery within reach.

AWS serves a dive platform and conducts search, survey, and recovery operations. Our highly experienced crew has been conducting underwater missions for many years. Decades of combined experience involving anything from raising sunken vessels and/or commercial fishing gear, to underwater cutting and excavation, to body recoveries from sunken vessels, make our crew the go-to team for any project.

AWS is dedicated to the salvage and restoration of marine artifacts from the thousands of wrecks that litter the Northeastern coast of the United States. Although a fool’s errand on which we expend much money, AWS believes it is highly important to recover and restore these relics so that they are not forever lost to the vagaries of the Atlantic Ocean.

The fruits of those salvage efforts are sometimes put on display at local museums for the public to see and appreciate their historical importance.

A group of men standing around a table with food.

Items recovered from SS Andrea Doria, including the ship's foghorn, which was restored and displayed to the public in 2021.

A group of people standing on top of a dock.

Steam whistles recovered from SS Ayuruoca. Recovered in 2022, these are now undergoing a lengthy restoration process.

Two men standing on the deck of a boat.

Telegraphs recovered from SS Carolina. The telegraphs were restored and displayed to the public at a 2023 event.


6.5 foot auxillary helm recovered from SS Ayuruoca in 2010.


Atlantic Wreck Salvage owns and operates an EdgeTech 4205 Tri-Frequency sidescan sonar. The system is perfectly mated to our vessel, D/V Tenacious, which means we are always ready to go. The next generation 4205 is a versatile side scan sonar system that can be configured for almost any survey application from shallow to deep water operations. The 4205 utilizes EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® CHIRP technology to provide crisp, high-resolution imagery at ranges up to 50% greater than non-CHIRP systems. In addition to the high-resolution imagery, the 4205 comes with several new features which makes the system even more flexible and powerful in offshore operations.

The tri-frequency allows the option to operate any two frequencies simultaneously. For example, long range operations for example can be achieved with a selection of 120/410kHz combination. Then, on-demand, the system can be changed to a 410/850kHz system for an even higher resolution survey. Our side scan team is experienced and always learning advanced techniques under the tutelage of some of the greatest luminaries in the field.

A group of people standing on top of a dock.

Members of the team with the EdgeTech 4205 and world-renown sonar expert, Garry Kozak of GK Consulting (right).

Delaware Final WM

Sidescan sonar image of SS Delaware, a local favorite of New Jersey wreck divers.


Members of the team deploying the towfish.

Two people sitting at a table with a laptop and monitor.

Garry Kozak giving our crew some pointers.