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In 1968, filmmaker Bruno Vailati and diver Stefano Carletti became the first Italians to explore the wreck of the iconic Italian ship Andrea Doria. Their subsequent documentary titled Andrea Doria 74 provided beautiful imagery of the Andrea Doria, 74 meters below the water’s surface. In July of 2023, the crew of the D/V Tenacious and Italian divers Andrea Murdock Alpini, David D’Anna, and Marco returned to the Andrea Doria, retracing the steps of the legendary duo of Vailati and Carletti, and filmed the wreck of the Andrea Doria from bow to stern. Jenn Sellitti of D/V Tenacious is my guest.

Alfonso Caliendo never lost track of the life jacket that helped save his life 67 years ago when he leaped into the water to escape one of the world’s most famous Atlantic Ocean shipwrecks. The orange life jacket is now a part of New Jersey’s history and will be placed on public display for those learning about the tragic final voyage of the Andrea Doria in 1956.

NEEDHAM, Mass. — On July 25, 1956, the SS Andrea Doria, a luxury Italian ocean liner, collided with the MS Stockholm, sinking the Andrea Doria south of Nantucket. Now, 67 years later, a group of Italian divers representing Phy Diving Equipment has returned to the site in collaboration with D/V Tenacious, a private diving vessel, to document the current state of the wreck.

A team of Italian and American divers, led by Captain Joe Mazraani of D/V Tenacious and Andrea Murdock Alpini of Phy Diving Equipment, completed a 20-28 July expedition to the wreckage of both SS Andrea Doria and MS Stockholm’s bow.

The water was dark and cold, but more than 100 feet down in Long Island Sound, the divers could see about 10 yards around them at the gravelly sea floor.

On October 7, 1916 the German U-Boat U-53 showed up unexpectedly at Newport Harbor, Rhode Island. World War 1 was raging, although the United States remained firmly neutral. The U-53 captain, Hans Rose, paid courtesy visits to local US Navy commanders, and in return had them visit his U-Boat. The visit was friendly and accommodating, if not a bit strange...The next morning, the U-53 commenced sinking Allied ships, and within 24 hours the U-53 sank 3 UK ships, 1 Norwegian ship, and 1 Dutch ship. Seventeen US Destroyers were dispatched to rescue survivors, but, being neutral, did not fire on the U-53 and Rose slipped away. Special Guest: Jenn Sellitti of D/V Tenacious.

It is Saturday morning, and I am starting my journey to Point Pleasant New Jersey where I will be boarding the D.V. Tenacious. Jenn Selleti, and Joe Mazraani have invited me on their boat (D.V. Tenacious) for two days so that I can learn more about deep diving and artifact recovery. 

BEACH HAVEN - On Sunday, 65 years to the day Italian ocean liner Andrea Doria collided with Swedish ocean liner Stockholm, her long-submerged but newly restored foghorn sounded again.

After decades of silence, a foghorn from the SS Andrea Doria was sounded for the first time since the ship sank off the coast of Nantucket 65 years ago.

MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP - This is no ordinary living room. Along one wall stands the six-foot-tall helm from the stern of the Ayuruoca, a Brazilian freighter that sank off the Monmouth County coast in 1945. On the opposite wall sits a cabinet with china from the Andrea Doria, the Italian ocean liner that famously crashed into another ship and sank near Massachusetts in 1956.

In his day job, Joe Mazraani is a criminal defense attorney in Middlesex County.
A book out this week explores the depths of Mazraani's hobby: discovering historical shipwrecks.

Divers have discovered a World War II-era German submarine nearly 70 years after it sank under withering U.S. attack in waters off Nantucket.